Research, Development and Innovation

Research & Development Policy

Our sustained R&D investment has improved the effectiveness of our methods and the quality of solutions we propose to our customers, while at the same time optimising the cost of our services.

Since its inception, Face InTec has captured the interest of both public and private partners and investors.

Our partners are institutions, laboratories and companies that are leaders in rapidly growing markets, including building, energy and intelligent management systems. Our agreements are subject to strict confidentiality clauses, which may cover the entire process until the products are marketed.

Patent and Trademarks

Face InTec has taken out a patent and related trademarks on its key technology, the fruit of the Company’s research efforts.

This patent concerns the façade system made up of prefabricated latest-generation solar modules.

Thermal Modelling using the Lesosai® Software

In cooperation with the thermal engineers, we have modelled façade-type customisable prefabricated modules, enabling to determine the overall performance of your building façade under construction or renovation.

We are committed to achieve these performance levels, and we now have the capability to quantify the savings provided by Face InTec® to your energy bill in conjunction with the photovoltaic energy generation of your new active building envelope.




Face InTec devotes important efforts to research and innovation within the framework of its assignments, cantonal programmes or joint projects.



Our partners are Swiss institutions and laboratories, actively involved in the fields of energy and building physics.