Experts dans la construction d’enveloppes de bâtiments et dans l’ingénierie électrique, nous sommes votre partenaire tout au long de votre projet.


Our partners’ highly-qualified and experienced installation teams ensure implementation of the solutions on the ground.

Site supervision functions are provided by the teams of our partners, including managing logistical coordination, scheduling, quality control as well as meeting health and safety provisions.

Full mastery of the various mounting options: conventional assembly and installation on site or installation of fully prefabricated elements in the workshop (”Black Diamond” or “White Diamond”-type façade)

Efficiency and economies of scale by using prefabricated elements and by applying dedicated mounting solutions, such as 3-axis adjustable mounting brackets of panel edges.

Flexibility and adaptability of mounting methods to meet existing constraints: possibility to work with or without scaffolding, or with or without a construction crane.