Whether for construction or renovation projects, we offer standard and custom-made turnkey positive-energy systems.

Ventilated Solar Façade

  • Active and ventilated cladding of an opaque wall or enclosure
  • Optimum use of blind walls with favourable exposure to the south/east/west
  • A competitive alternative to traditional types of ventilated metal façade cladding
  • Benefits and options to provide insulation from the outside
  • Easy static-mount substructure system offering excellent ventilation and optimised performance of the PV modules.
  • Architectural modularity offering the flexibility to use other types or compositions of materials with the solar module, in a structured or unstructured manner.
  • Cost-effective construction or renovation projects
  • Provides a source of positive energy for the building in compliance with the MoPEC 2014 Energy Regulations and the revised Energy Law (LEne)