Whether for construction or renovation projects, we offer standard and custom-made turnkey positive-energy systems.

Solar Balustrade

Example of balustrade/Custom design/Industrial manufacture

  • Multi-functional guardrail system in compliance with the criteria defined by the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI) (www.bipv.ch): Protection against falling + solar power generation
  • Customised design: opaque or transparent panels, rate of transparency, module dimensions, power, choice of finishes for rails, posts and metalwork (steel, aluminium or stainless steel)
  • Industrial manufacturing at the production centre of our partner
  • Possible tilt adjustment of the solar module for optimum energy production
  • Energy production potential for the sides facing south/east/west.
  • Optional colour matching or pattern imitation on the northern side for a consistent building appearance.
  • Concealed cables and connectors, integrated into the guardrail profiles.
  • Handrail system compliant with Standard SIA358 and the Swiss Council for Accident Prevention (BPA)